Seminário MAPA | Museums, Sense of Place and Atmosphere

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Ida Brændholt Lundgaard, Senior Advisor for Museums at the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces

How is the relationship between atmospheres, environments, ambiance appearances and museums relevant for human development? How does atmosphere inform formation of cultural knowledge creation in a museum context?  

The seminar is exploring exhibition concepts as processes for collective knowledge production. Participants are asked to bring a printed photo from an exhibition that has made an impression on them and prepare a five minutes presentation based on their photo. Ida manage a challenging discussion about the  sense of place and atmosphere, addressing museological paradigms, current educational- and curatorial practice´s as well as debates and discussions on ethics and aesthetics. Action research, turning things upside down and inside out to acknowledge embodied spaces and sensory thought is a part of the seminar´s second part that is basically a workshop for present and future exhibitions.


Ida Brændholt Lundgaard is Senior Advisor for Museums at the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. Focus of her work has been on dialogue, interdisciplinary approaches, multi-vocality and inclusion aiming at promoting cultural democracy. She has been Project Managing The Communication Plan for Danish Museums (2014-2007), which is a National Framework implemented to improve the educational role of Danish Museums in Society. She was Head of Education, at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (1996-2007). In autumn 2015 she began her industrial Ph.D. entitled; Museums, Atmosphere and Sense of Place, based on a partnership between  Center for Sustainable Heritage Management, Aarhus University, and the  Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. During her career, she has produced numerous publications and given Lectures, Master Classes and Workshops and participated in collaborative project´s nationally and internationally. She holds a Master of Arts; Master of Nordic Literature and Language and Master of Art History, from Copenhagen University 1993.

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