Seminário MAPA | Cultural Democracy and Audience Development

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Niels Righolt, Managing Director at the Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture

What do we talk about, when we talk about cultural participation, culture as the game changer, innovation, inclusion, bringing new perspectives to the table … ? Participation for whom? In a time where cultural interaction and collaborative patterens are re:setting the stage and terms as co-creation, co-curation and cultural participation defines the success of arts projects and cultural institutions.

The six-hour seminar analyses how how one-way communication is no longer enough and how a deluge of new platforms, interactive elements and targeted individual messages has replaced the classical communication channels; how institutions are faced with new demands not only in terms of how they communicate but also in terms of what they communicate. Finally, it addresses the implications of this new environment in terms of audiences, cultural participation, co-creation and democracy. The impact on funding and management is also discussed.


Niels Righolt is the managing Director at the Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture (DCAI/CKI), Copenhagen.The centre is a national knowledge, competence and communication centre for international culture, cultural diversity and audience engagement. The centre is promoting cultural democracy and a culturally diverse environment. The centre disseminates knowledge and experience between the country’s artists and art institutions with the aim of developing and strengthening intercultural competences in the arts and cultural life as such in Denmark. CKI perform tasks and screenings, and CKI is responsible for skills development programs, audience and organizational learning, seminars and conferences, and more, as well as running what today is Denmark’s largest and most important portal and news service on arts and interculture.

Niels has a broad background and experience from more than 25 years in the arts field. He has worked as Head of Information, Producer, Artistic Director, Cultural Political Developer, Managing Director and Political Advisor within a variety of cultural institutions and organizations over the years among others as Managing and Artistic Director of the Dunkers Arts Centre in Helsingborg, Sweden, as Chief Curator and producer for Møstings Hus & Byggeriets Hus, Copenhagen and as co-founder of the intercultural magazine and communication bureau Cultures. Niels is part of a number trans-European projects and programs. At present Niels is a board member of among others the national contemporary dance scene Dansehallerne in Copenhagen and the Audience Europe Network. Niels has a background in Literature, Modern Culture & Cultural Communication and Spanish Culture & Language from the University of Copenhagen.

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